We’re a small local farm, located in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County.

In 2009, we started growing microgreens in a small backyard. Today, we grow in 18,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space, covered for protection and open to natural light and fresh air. We’re able to grow 50+ kinds of microgreens and a range of edible flowers, and we constantly test new and interesting varieties.




We provide a high-yield, no-waste product that lands on the plate just minutes from harvest.

At Sebastopol Microgreens, we care about the beauty, freshness, and flavor of the plants we raise. That care transfers to what goes on the plate—the most vibrant, flavorful microgreens available. Our micros germinate, grow and are delivered in a growing flat. They’re not cut and packaged beforehand, but continue to thrive and grow, resulting in a high-yield, no-waste product that lands on the plate just minutes from harvest.

We grow sustainably and sell responsibly.

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to treat the planet with care and respect. Our micros are sustainably grown and responsibly sold: organic growing medium can go in the compost bin, trays can be recycled, and overgrown plants and planting mix are composted and used to improve the gardens of our employees and the vineyards that surround us.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

At Sebastopol Microgreens, we take safety seriously and pay great attention to detail. We observe Food Safety Best Practices, and are GAP compliant. We undergo a Harmonized Standards Food Safety Audit annually, and have a HACCP plan in place. All of our products are 100% guaranteed for customer satisfaction.